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Group Tour Registration
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Please note that you must select a tour date that is at least two weeks from today.
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Are you part of a
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Are you collaborating with
anyone on campus or in the
USNH system? If yes, who?*:
How many students in your
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accommodate groups over 50.*:
How many chaperones in your
group? We require at least 1
chaperone per 25 students*:
What ages/grades are
your students?*:
Do you or your students require
any special services?*:
Briefly describe the reason for
your visit and the philosophy of
your program (this is so that we can
better support your program's goals
with a visit that complement
your needs).*:
We offer a lunch option at
Stillings dining hall at $7.79 per
person. Would you like to eat at
UNH during your visit?*

If you are taking the afternoon tour,
arrive 1 hour early to eat before the tour time.

What type of vehicle will you and
your students be arriving in?
How many vehicles?*:
Are you familiar with campus?*:
Do you require any materials before
arriving (we will provide directions,
parking information, and agenda)?*
Please add any additional
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